You are ready for the initiations.


You find yourself drawn to trees, to nature, to wisdom and mysticism. You're ready to weave ancient natural wisdom into the fabric of your life.


You are taking responsibility for your life; owning not just your choices, but the way you move through the world. You are ready to trust yourself more fully and live in more clarity and harmony.


You cherish the sacred, honor the ancient, and work toward the most aligned, thriving version of yourself.  You're ready to be sovereignly embodied.


You value a sacredly and safely held container, knowing that your own personal alchemy can happen inside that time and space. You trust yourself to let it unfold.


You are inspired by truths revealed, wisdom unveiled, and your beautiful potential unlocked. You're ready for that potential to be visible and accessible to you here and now. 


You are ready to meet the next phase of you as you are moved by the truths, insights, and inspirations that arise. You're willing to move forward on your soul's path here on earth.


On this eight-month journey, you will be initiated, held, and guided by the sacred council of 20 trees that carry codes of ancient wisdom. You can move through this next phase of your life with a tree to guide you every step of the way; with their gifts of clarity, integrity, love, and wisdom. There are many paths that can be traveled, diverse terrains to be traversed. No matter what you are moving through, our tree teachers can show you the way forward in alignment with your soul's path.


Throughout this course, the trees become your allies, teachers, and guides, transmitting their wisdom and writing within you the guidebook for a life well-lived.


Still as they seem to stand, these 20 Trees hold and share the codes for sacred, harmonious movement through life.


Together they comprise a complete body of wisdom, which we can receive now and take forward with us forever.


Join us in the forest

Ancient Celtic Tree Magic is a journey through the Celtic Ogham, with emphasis on its origins in the time of Mū.

You may have heard of the Ogham, an ancient body of wisdom comprised of 20 trees, used by the Druids in Celtic times and lands. Perhaps you've seen Ogham symbols, heard it referred to as a tree alphabet or a tree language. In this course, we honor the Celtic perspectives and traditions associated with this work while also honoring its true pre-Celtic origins, from the land and time of Mū, also known as Lemuria.

There are 20 specific trees that have been carrying these wisdom codes for millennia, and by working with them in proper order and receiving their initiations one after another, you'll find yourself moving through an educational and evolutionary journey, receiving timeless wisdom and insight to transform the way you approach life forever.


(Celtic, pronounced oh-um)

  • the council of 20 trees that guide us
  • the journey through their wisdom
  • the collection (sometimes called an alphabet) of their symbols, sounds, and meanings
  • sometimes used for divination in the form of symbols carved on sticks
  • used by Celtic Druids in their studies of the mysteries

(also known as Lemuria)

  • the harmonious land (continent) that existed in what is now the Pacific Ocean before our modern civilization; the Mū land that remains above sea level today is Western California, Oregon and Washington.
  • the civilization: the people and their wisdom, which migrated to other locations as the continents shifted, and lives on in remnants through indigenous lineages and modern psychic remembrance of the ways

In this course, you'll learn this timeless wisdom with an understanding of its ancient origins, but you'll get to apply it to your current life. You will find the myriad ways this wisdom can be applied to any moment, any situation, any decision, any stage of life.

There's a tree for that.

 1. By example | When you learn about the signature essence of the tree, how it thrives, its historical uses and its function in lore, you begin to receive its teachings simply by observing its wisdom, in the same way we learn from stories.


2.  Through Communication | During our journeys, you may receive energetic transmissions, direct messages, or other lessons from the tree, through your intuitive senses. These communications may continue throughout your week working with the tree, through your dreams, meditations, and even your most mundane interactions.


3. Through Infusion of Vibrational Medicine | You will receive a bottle of tree essence for your work with each tree. As you take the essences throughout the week, you will be receiving the medicine and teaching of the tree in your physical and energetic bodies through the essences. The waters and vibrations of your bodies, your cells, and your soul will respond and receive, shift and move, revealing what it means to meet the frequency of the tree's wisdom.

Who is this course for?


This course has been cherished by people of many backgrounds, occupations and experiences. What they've all shared is a love of devotion, a quest for truth, an intrigue for mysticism, a respect for ancient wisdom, and a call from the forest. 


Whether you are a spiritual nature enthusiast, a secret mystic, a full-time healing practitioner, or anything in between, this course is for your personal evolution which can then radiate out into your work in the world.


Whatever may occupy your time, it is your inner desire and devotion that have led you here. However you identify in your life: as a mother or father, a sister or brother, a solo initiate, a partner, a worker bee, a contributor, a boss, a creative, a mystic, an innovator, a leader, a seeker, a devotee, a revolutionary, an artist, a rising star... this work is relevant and applicable to anything you will face in life. You can think of the wisdom of the trees as a guidebook for life.

 You probably know if you are feeling the pull, if the trees are calling you to travel deep into the forests of the otherworld and your own being, to know them and yourself more truly and fully. 

There are 20 trees ready to initiate you in the way of a life well-lived in integrity and harmony, each with their own medicine and wisdom.

You don't have to be at a turning point in your life to benefit from this journey, though the trees are a source of relief when you are. The trees are here to hold us in their wisdom and lead us through life into a truer understanding of life itself. This is valuable when we are at our lowest, our highest, and everywhere in between. 

The thing we will all have in common is a desire to be in the world of the trees, to be educated and initiated by them, to embody their wisdom, and to be learned in their ways. We share a call to their magic.

In this course, we honor the sacredly complete body of wisdom by receiving the trees' initiations in order, as the fullest understanding of the medicine of each tree depends on the wisdom gained from the one before it. This is an intelligent body of wisdom, and it is ready to be revealed to you if you are ready to be revealed by it.


Perhaps you: 

  • have always felt an affinity for trees and the forest, talked to trees when you were a child, or love to sit with the trees and just be
  • are intrigued by the fae, the elementals, and the otherworld
  • feel connected to Celtic and Druidic lore and spirituality, Mū wisdom, or both
  • specifically work with nature and magic, or want to
  • work with or are interested in vibrational plant and flower essences
  • live or want to live a magical life where myth and magic merge with the mundane
  • are interested in understanding with more clarity the way we operate in our world
  • are called to understand the way we can incorporate ancient wisdom into our everyday lives
  • are in tune with, or want to be more in tune with the ways our multidimensional selves operate here on earth
  • want to connect more with the natural world around you
  • want to bring ritual and rhythm into your life for more consistency in your spiritual practice
  • are feeling a clear or mysterious call to this work, without fully knowing why
Answer the Call and Join us in the forest

What past initiates have to say

So what can you expect to leave with?

I can not give you a set of promised results. I'm committed to integrity and precision, so I can't tell you what you'll gain because I don't know what you need. But I promise that you will leave with what you needed to receive. That is the beauty of this work and of the wisdom of the trees: we can trust the them to reveal and provide.

The details of each person's experience are so different and specific to what they're going through. What comes through these teachings is a guidebook for life, providing you with information, insight and wisdom that you can apply to any and every situation.


I have seen initiates gain:

  • significant, unshakeable self trust and confidence
  • graceful access to and understanding of a well of previous untapped emotions
  • alchemy of despair and fear into clarity, faith and love
  • activation and strengthening of true faith and devotion and a personal relationship with the divine
  • a truer understanding of one's place in our multidimensional universe
  • a stronger relationship with one's personal lineage, relationship to nature and the otherworld
  • remembrance of past lives and multidimensional experiences
  • activation and strengthening of intuitive gifts

And I have seen this course, these tree teachers, and this ancient wisdom steadily support people through their toughest transitions: the loss of loved ones, turning points in relationships, career transitions, and more.

It's simply a more nourished journey with the trees holding you, no matter where you're going.

Inside the Portal

What's included?


Eight months of initiations, integration, support, guidance, and community.

Journey with us through the forest

The Timeline + Story

Records show Mū civilization beginning approximately 200,000 years ago. The Mū people were attuned to their multidimensional reality with ease and clarity, able to sense with precision,  requiring little verbal conversation, resulting in less confusion. There was more understanding: of each other, one's own gifts and purpose, the timeline of one's life, the ways in which one is meant to interact in the world.

This utopian existence was peaceful, and although it was a truly beautiful existence, it became boring, and there was a desire to make more meaning of life. It was time for a change. 

When Mū society had been thriving for ~100,000 years, the earth and the waters began to shift. Over the next 80,000 years, the land of Mū sank into the ocean bit by bit, until the only part that remained above sea level was the eastern coast which had merged with the land now known as the Americas, creating parts of Washington, Oregon, California, west of the Sierra Nevadas.

As the last glacial maximum was melting, approximately 120,000 years ago, codes of wisdom were given to the trees to hold and carry. With Mū society fading to an end, and a new human experiment about to begin, there was a desire to see that the ways to live in harmony were preserved. And so the archetypal oversouls of the 20 trees later to be known as the Ogham took these codes to hold and carry, to be available for transmission for those willing to ask, and open to receiving.

During these tens of thousands of years of change, Mū people found their way to land that was rising and becoming dry. They spread far and wide to inhabit the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, any land that was livable. The continent of Atlantis was inhabited by Mū settlers for the approximate 10,000 years of its existence. As Atlantis was at the height of its civilization, Mū people settled along the Nile, beginning Egyptian civilization. Mū wisdom can still be found at the heart of the wisdom of indigenous peoples all over the world who share similar origin stories, holy days, and reverences. And the Mū wisdom still lives in the psychic remembrances of so many awakening now. 

In Celtic times, ~1400 BCE to ~60 CE, the keepers of the mysteries in the Celtic communities were the Druids. The name Druid comes from the same root as the word for tree, true, and durable. The Druids learned the ways of the trees, and kept the wisdom of the earth, the stars, and the people. In our course, we will learn the core wisdom of the tree from its Mū roots, as well as the ways the Druids perceived and preserved the wisdom, as much as we can from the records and traditions that have remained. 

Now, as the earth is moving through more changes, remembrance is returning to many. You are one who is remembering, and you are invited to join our cohort of awakening souls in the remembrance of Ancient Celtic Tree Magic: Codes of Mū Wisdom.

Your facilitator

through the mysteries

Lizzie Rose Reiss

In the many years I've spent working 1:1 with clients, facilitating group healing, and training healing practitioners, I have found great satisfaction and fulfillment in my occupation the role of practitioner + teacher. Over the last four years leading women in long-term group containers through explorations of the mysteries, I have found an even deeper sense of satisfaction and belonging on my own path. And that is what I want to share with you through Ancient Celtic Tree Magic. 

This part of my work satisfies the longing I've had from as young as I can remember to know the truth. I have always wanted to get to the root, to go deeper, to  understand why, and from where, and but before that, what happened? 

Each time we dive into the mysteries and find that remembrance, our souls light up. Each time I can facilitate that remembrance for you, my purpose is fulfilled.

Every time a new layer of my own path reveals itself, something else from the past makes sense, all part of a magical tapestry of remembrance and coming home. I know this course will make sense of some things for you. I've seen it happen again and again. (20 trees each with their own revelations for your life!) I can't wait to find out what will be revealed and remembered for you and by you on this beautiful journey.

You can read more about me here, and feel free to visit my instagram, which these days is mostly videos and pictures of plants and creatures and landscapes.

Questions Answered

Tuition and Schedule


The schedule of classes will be determined by the availability of the participants. We will likely meet on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, with time to be determined. If you have a question about your schedule needs being met, please reach out to Lizzie directly at [email protected]. Every reasonable effort will be made to find times and days to meet the needs of the group. Recordings will also be available.



When paid in full, tuition for the eight-month course is $5445. This includes a full set of 20 Tree Essences.


Payment Plans:

A processing fee is already added to the payment plans listed below. Deposit or first payment must be made upon registration, before October 1st. Please note that nine-month payment plans that begin in October will continue through June (one month beyond our course end date).

Payment Plan options:

- 9 payments of $630

- A deposit of $1,188 and then 9 payments of $504

- A deposit of $2,430 and then 9 payments of $360


Scholarship and Work Trade:

Scholarship spots will be made available if/when funds are donated. If you know someone who would like to donate towards scholarship study, please have them email [email protected].

There are two work trade scholarships available. If you are interested in transcribing classes and/or social media content creation relating to the class in exchange for tuition reduction, please email [email protected] to discuss.


**There are no additional costs associated with this course, though in the past students have chosen to travel to spend time together towards the end of our course. Such gatherings are completely voluntary and undertaken at your own expense.**

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