Learn the magical healing art of essence collection

for home and professional use.


For the home practitioner who wants to commune with the land and plants, prepare supportive essences and elixirs for self, family and friends.

For the professional practitioner who wants to incorporate the use of essences into a healing practice to serve and support clients, patients, or students.

Vibrational Essences are a magical yet practical way to connect and work with the energies that are available to us, to understand them more deeply, and allow them to support us more fully.

What's included?

- Weekly Classes on Zoom, with recordings available if you can't attend the live call.

- PDF of class outline and notes, printable to create a manual for you.

- Audio recordings of any meditations suggested.

- Module 2 only: Certificate of Completion when all requirements are met.


What's not included? 

- Set of Essences for Practitioners | (Not required. Available at a generous discount as we get closer to our start date.)

- Essence Collection materials | (clear glass bowl, 2-oz and 1/2-oz Amber dropper bottles, small metal funnel, labels.) 

Module 1

Essence Foundations

10 weeks | March - May 2024

  • What are essences?
  • The Grand Matriarchy
  • Your Unique Approach 
  • Dimensions of Our World
  • Intuitive Voices and Languages
  • Pendulum and Divination
  • Plant Signatures & Types of Essences
  • Guides, Allies & Helpers
  • Attunement and Collection
  • Dosage and Usage

Module 2

Practitioner Training

10 weeks | June - August 2024

  • Celtic and Yogic Chakra Systems
  • Flow of Energy through the Body
  • Essences for each chakra
  • Creating, Inhabiting, and Holding a Healing Container
  • Conducting a Session with the Essences
  • Therapeutic Coaching with the Essences
  • Formulating Personalized Blends
  • The Professional Practitioner

What are Essences?

When I say "essences" I'm referring to what are commonly known as Flower Essences. However, my work with essences includes not only plant, tree, and flower essences, but also crystal and lineage essences, so I simply use the word "essences".

Essences are the vibrational medicine of a plant collected and held in water, preserved with brandy, and used to facilitate our healing. The process of collection includes attuning to the plant or entity from which you are collecting an essence, receiving and distilling its wisdom. Essences are then diluted and dosed to bring about a healing process.


Is this training for me?

This training is split into two modules, with the first Foundations module being appropriate for anyone who is curious to learn about essences and wants to become comfortable with the process of collection, dilution and dosage for personal use.

The second module is a training for practitioners who would like to incorporate essences into their practice, or those who would like to work with essences in the role of practitioner.

What's required? 


Time Exchange


Classes will be up to 2 hours long each week.

In the foundations module, you can expect some homework, but not requiring more than 30 minutes of your time each week.

In the Practitioner Training module, you may be asked to spend an hour or two per week outside of class continuing your work with the class material.



Financial Exchange

Payment Plans are available and include a 5% processing fee.

Foundations Module 1 only:  $2222 

Foundations and Practitioner Training Modules 1 & 2:  $3,999 


Join us or Learn More:

Essence Training Application

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About Your Teacher

My name is Lizzie, and I am a healing practitioner that works with clients 1:1 and in groups, as well as a mentor and teacher for healing practitioners. I regularly guide groups of seekers and mystics through exploration of the mysteries and love finding new ways to reveal magic to the world.  

I'm known by my friends, clients, students, and colleagues for my practical approach to spirituality, my passion for the mysteries and my knack for weaving all that wisdom into everyday life.

Early in my teaching career, I developed a reiki curriculum that included topics like energy hygiene, intuitive development, and invocation of guides and allies, providing a well-rounded approach to healership that I believe is imperative for all entering the sphere of healing and traveling through the many realms of our reality.

I'm devoted to integrity and truth-finding, and love to empower my students and clients to become their own humble authority, abandoning the guru paradigm to support the growth of responsible and powerful healers and mystics.

I am especially passionate about my work with plant and vibrational essences and the magic of nature. This work can be explored more fully through the Essence Membership and Essence Training.

I own and operate the store Everyday Magic Intentional Goods  in Woodstock, NY. I have also written and published the children's book Eversees and the Magic Tree.

If you enjoy astrology, you might find it interesting that I was seemingly born for this job.

If you're curious about this training, please apply here for more information.

Essence Training Application

Thank you for your interest in the 2024 Essence Training. Please fill out this form, and I'll get back to you shortly with next steps.