Honoring ourselves,  humanity, and our world

by receiving and embodying the earth's sustainable wisdom

in our human lives. 

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"These flower essences are healing magic!" - WY


"Is it possible to be too confident and secure in my boundaries? These drops (like you) are pure magic. Thank you." - LW

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About Lizzie Rose Reiss

I am a healing practitioner that works with clients 1:1 and in groups, as well as a mentor and teacher for healing practitioners. I regularly guide groups of seekers and mystics through exploration of the mysteries and love finding new ways to reveal magic to the world. 

I'm known by my friends, clients, students, and colleagues for my practical approach to spirituality, my passion for the mysteries and my knack for weaving all that wisdom into everyday life.

I'm devoted to integrity and truth-finding, and am especially passionate about my work with plant and vibrational essences and the magic of nature. 

I own and operate the store Everyday Magic Intentional Goods  in Woodstock, NY. I have also written and published the children's book Eversees and the Magic Tree.

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