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My name is Lizzie, and I am a healing practitioner that works with clients 1:1 and in groups, as well as a mentor and teacher for healing practitioners. I regularly guide groups of seekers and mystics through exploration of the mysteries and love finding new ways to reveal magic to the world. 

I'm known by my friends, clients, students, and colleagues for my practical approach to spirituality, my passion for the mysteries and my knack for weaving all that wisdom into everyday life.

Early in my teaching career, I developed a reiki curriculum that included topics like energy hygiene, intuitive development, and invocation of guides and allies, providing a well-rounded approach to healership that I believe is imperative for all entering the sphere of healing and traveling through the many realms of our reality.

I'm devoted to integrity and truth-finding, and love to empower my students and clients to become their own humble authority, abandoning the guru paradigm to support the growth of responsible and powerful healers and mystics.

I am especially passionate about my work with plant and vibrational essences and the magic of nature. This work can be explored more fully through the Essence Membership.

I own and operate the store Everyday Magic Intentional Goods  in Woodstock, NY. I have also written and published the children's book Eversees and the Magic Tree.

For individual sessions, please reach out to me via email at Lizzie(at)Magicisreal.org or book online at magicisreal.org/book-online. To receive updates about upcoming events and offerings, please join the email list below.


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If you enjoy astrology, you might like to know how mine has made me the practitioner I am. 

Virgo Rising: the ability to see, understand and maintain systems and organization helps me to break down and communicate the structures and the nature of this work in a way that becomes easy to understand. A natural sense of humility along with the striving for excellence and consistent desire for purification.


 Capricorn Moon (4th house): Generally a serious person, but with emotional sensitivity and great value in the way I care for others. The people I let into my sphere are honored as family. This applies to the students and clients I develop relationships with.

Pisces Sun (6th house): a great capacity for the depths, strong intuitive access, and the ability to see and work with illusion, the unseen, the dreamy and emotional worlds gives me a natural and intuitive understanding of the material of the work. I have a natural inclination towards service and supporting others, with my work in this area being an imperative aspect of my own sense of fulfillment to my higher self. The ability to sense what others need and how they are feeling, combined with a tendency to consistently be assessing the state of boundaries and priorities helps me to meet my clients and students where they are and provide what is needed for the next stage of growth. The ability to work with both the parts and the whole supports my ability to hold and engage in this sacred work on a very human level.

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