Hi! I’m Lizzie

For the last eleven years, I've been a practitioner of energy healing, and for the last seven years I've enjoyed the role of teacher in that realm. In the last four years, my primary work has been leading groups through the Mysteries. For several months, we'd meet weekly on Zoom, moving through a divinely guided curriculum, letting our lives be transformed.

The Tree Wisdom course has been my favorite work yet. I have led two groups through the live online format of this course, and the beauty and transformation available humbles and awes me every time.

(Think 2 groups x 4 people x 20 trees = 160 amazed gasps and humbling tears of awe.) 

Truly, I'm in love with the Trees, and always have been. But also, this work has brought together the unique way I work with plant essences and that ancient Wisdom of multiversal truth I've been seeking my whole life. It has activated more magic, clarity, integrity and wisdom in me, and I know it can do that for you, too, as it has for those who have taken the course live with me.

It finally felt like time to share this Wisdom with a larger group, with increased flexibility to move through at your own pace. It has been a pleasure deepening into this wisdom and preparing it to share with you. 

I always want to hear about your experience, so please feel free to share with me. Thank you for being here.

Ready to journey through the forest with me?


The Tree Council shares its Wisdom in my new online course.

Tree Wisdom Course

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