An evolutionary journey through the forest to receive the initiatory Wisdom of the ancient Tree Council


An ancient Council of 20 Trees are encoded with the wisdom of a life well-lived. This Tree Council is here to provide you with all you need to know to live effectively and in harmony.


You can expect lessons in:

Ancient and Eternal Truths



Right Use of Energy

Life Cycles

Earth Wisdom


Multidimensional Access


Energy Hygiene

Feminine + Masculine Wisdoms

Effective Action

Right Timing

and more.


This is a complete body of wisdom, held by the trees for more than 100,000 years since the time of Mu (Lemuria). It is available to you now and always.


What is included?

Sacred relationships with 20 Tree Teachers

22 modules of information and activation

Video lessons with text and images in each module

Guided Audio Journeys in each module

20 Tree Essences mailed to you

and an evolutionary journey, providing wisdom to last a lifetime.

Plus, we will plant 20 trees in Ireland for every registration through One Tree Planted.


Most people are called to this course as a support for the path they are already walking. They can feel the support of 20 Tree Teachers waiting to help them along their way.


Those who choose this path can expect the practical clarity that comes from reasonable perspective, like a gentle kick in the pants that keeps us aligned. But weave that kick in the pants together with the magic of an enchanted walk through the forest in which the exact medicine you need shows up just when you need it so you can begin to rely more steadily on the relationship you have with your world. 


Every person who has gone through this course has exclaimed amazement at how the Trees guide their experience. Once you say yes to this container, you are consenting to let the Trees take you on a journey, and you know that the result is a more aligned life created by 20 significant consciously processed experiences that leave imprints on your being, influencing how you will go through life in the future. 


The Tree Wisdom helps to form a more aligned version of yourself that will forever be within you.


This self-paced journey should take you a minimum of five months to complete, though you might choose to take more than a week with each tree, letting the journey span up to a year. This is an evolutionary and transformational portal course meant to help you through this and every phase of your life. Each lesson has video and text, a guided journey, summary, and a place for you to process and share your reflections. I am with you every step of the way, and am only an email away when you have questions or want support.


Tree Essences to accompany this course will be mailed to you, unless you opt out with the coupon code provided within in your checkout information.


Are you ready to journey through the forest?


Single Full Payment of $1333
3 Monthly Payments of $477.33
5 Monthly Payments of $288.88


Come journey with me

For the last eleven years, I've been a practitioner of energy healing, and for the last seven years I've enjoyed the role of teacher in that realm. In the last four years, my primary work has been leading groups through the Mysteries. For several months, we'd meet weekly on Zoom, moving through a divinely guided curriculum, letting our lives be transformed.

The Tree Wisdom course has been my favorite work yet. I have led two groups through the live online format of this course, and the beauty and transformation available humbles and awes me every time.

(Think 2 groups x 4 people x 20 trees = 160 amazed gasps and humbling tears of awe.) 

Truly, I'm in love with the Trees, and always have been. But also, this work has brought together the unique way I work with plant essences and that ancient Wisdom of multiversal truth I've been seeking my whole life. It has activated more magic, clarity, integrity and wisdom in me, and I know it can do that for you, too, as it has for those who have taken the course live with me.

It finally felt like time to share this Wisdom with a larger group, with increased flexibility to move through at your own pace. It has been a pleasure deepening into this wisdom and preparing it to share with you. 

I always want to hear about your experience, so please feel free to share with me. Thank you for being here.

 I am humbled by the wisdom of the trees and know that facets of medicine will continue to emerge now that I have a way to connect.
I am in awe of Lizzie’s commitment providing access to deep and healing mysteries. 

 Samar, 2nd year Tree Initiate (excerpt, full testimonial below)

This is a journey of self discovery through the wisdom of the ages . A re-membering of all we are and the potential of our human race. 
The insight and understanding of self gained through this journey has given me a deeper sense of trust and understanding of how I can actualize my highest potential.

Chloe, 2nd year Tree Initiate (excerpt, full testimonial below)

Every tree offered something surprisingly unique that felt incredibly timely for me and what my life was in each moment.
Forever transformed.  

Staci, 2nd year Tree Initiate (excerpt, full testimonial below)

This course helped me to deepen my trust within myself, connect more intimately with the natural world, and learn about ancient traditions and magic that are still woven into how we do things today.

Maddie, 1st year Tree Initiate (excerpt, full testimonial below)




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22 Modules of Evolutionary Wisdom

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22 Modules of Evolutionary Wisdom

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22 Modules of Evolutionary Wisdom

Includes Essences Mailed to you

Includes Payment Plan Fee

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Honoring the Land

For each person who purchases this course, we will plant 20 trees in Ireland through One Tree Planted to support reforestation and reparation of the loss of sacred trees in Ireland.